State of my Open Source Contrbutions


To start off, this is not a “I’m quitting” post - don’t worry. But this should clear up why I’m ‘ignoring’ some actions.

But with some recent family events that have transpired, and also inspired by Jeff Geerlng’s Just Say No, I’ve ended up dedicating way more time to my coding than I actually have.

So this is a message to say - I’m slowing down. I need to take some time to tend to my family, and to tend to myself. I’ve been previously dealing with some emotional issues and stress by plunging myself into solving technical problems, but I’ve recently been discovering how unhealthy this was, and has accumulated into some very minor health issues. All stuff I’m working on fixing.

However a bigger challenge has popped up with a loved one of mine, and will mean that they will need some care for a while. And with that I have decided that for my own health and to dedicate the right amount of time to it, my outside-work coding activites must slow down.

This is by no means an end, but just a warning that I will be slowing down, and may be unavilable for some periods of time for the foreseeable.

Specifically, this will mean for the main projects:

None of this is permanent, so please don’t treat this as my swan song to abandon all my projects. Just simply put - I need to spend more time with family for the now, and I will return.

edited 29th December to improve clarity. Someone messaged me asking if I was quitting, so I reduced some of the harsh toning.