A Year of Cloud Coding in Review

Over the past year, roughly 90% of my non-professional coding time was done using a Cloud IDE. My work extends a crazy, disjointed range of different purposes. I maintain a WordPress plugin, run several ReactJS experiments, made my personal website 100x more confusing, and as a DevOps Engineer - lots and lots of configuring and pipelines. All of this, I did in cloud editors. At this point, if it wasn’t for getting into Plex, my workstation laptop would have spent the whole year not getting anywhere past 50% utilisation.

Bored Waiting for GitHub Codespaces? Gitpod has Your Back

I’ve been on the waiting list for GitHub Codespaces for nearly 2 years now, and I haven’t seen anything from GitHub about it. At this point, I’m even wondering if the Codespaces initiative was some kind of desert mirage, and actually doesn’t exist at all! But bored of waiting for something I’m losing the plot over, I saw what alternatives are available. In comes Gitpod to save the day. What’s the Point in (GitHub) Codespaces and Gitpod Anyway?