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Comic #73 - Mornings Suck

Mornings really do suck.

Comic #72 - Baby Just Dance

Sorry I haven’t done any recently! Progress is focused so far on the website (at this point in time is down, the main site ( is however). The website will be up shortly.My first proper piece done solely on a graphics tablet. They really take getting used to!

Comic #71 - Failbalance

This is pretty lame I know, however this comes with a completely unrelated message.The reason I’ve been so inactive is that I have been setting up the new site This is a multi-purpose site, however I am constructing the Stick of Celery webcomic to be found at either comic or This is my move to a personalised website and once the site has been constructed I will move all operations there after a month from the completion date.

Comic #70 - SQL Wifejection


Comic #68 - Guys at Christmas


Comic #67 - Unsocial Meetings

Deviantart decided to crash while uploading, and I’m not rewriting this… Well, actually this rant is twice as long as what I wrote.


I’m busy working on a web site at the moment which will let me gradually roll these out so it can edge closer to becoming a daily comic, while flexing it around my working life. I need money that you tight-arses don’t donate. It’s fine I get the hint.

Comic #66 - Last Line of Code

Every programmer I see will ignore every constraint of the word while programming. Especially game programmers.

Comic #65 - Search Engine Uncles

Did not come out as I liked, but still this was derrived from me referring to Google as that highly knowledgeable uncle.