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Comic #71 - Failbalance

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This is pretty lame I know, however this comes with a completely unrelated message.The reason I’ve been so inactive is that I have been setting up the new site This is a multi-purpose site, however I am constructing the Stick of Celery webcomic to be found at either comic or This is my move to a personalised website and once the site has been constructed I will move all operations there after a month from the completion date.In the meantime, I will aim to release comics every Sunday as my inactivity has caused a backlog of ideas, and even a few shorts. I have even invested in a graphics tablet so I - in theory - should be able to make them faster. The rest of the week outside of work I will be working on the site, and once done I aim to move back to a daily release cycle, or remain weekly depending on my frequency

The content in these webcomics, created during my teenage years, may contain outdated or potentially offensive material and does not reflect my current views. Viewer discretion is advised.