Stick of Celery Webcomics


Comic #64 - Video Game Logic: Evading ... vehicle

(Evading an oncoming vehicle)

#63 - Seagate Instruction Manual

Instrukcja obsługi, teraz w 100% bardziej polski! (Google Translate)

#62 - Xbox Go Home

The new xbox! TV, sports and a dog (Those who saw the reveal will know what I mean).

#60 - Operating Opinions

I had a kernel panic, and it made me think of something like this. I’m not good with army rankings of any country so I apologise if I get the outfits incorrect.For those who don’t get the joke, a kernel (pronounced the same way as colonel) is a part of a computer operating system. It’s like the guy who operates the auto tune on talent shows, the hero behind the scenes.

#60 - Operating Opinions

Typical user opinions about different operating systems.

#59 - Delete [Windows 8]

Saw the failure of Windows 8 then the recent Matt Smith Dr. Who episodes, and decided to merge them together.

#57 - Slender Shall not Pass

Not really funny, I just felt like putting someone against the Black Knight.

#57 - Expensive Hospital Trip

An old one I found in my archives that I must have forgotten to upload. Edited and finally uploaded now though.

#55 - Life in Skyrim