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How to sell your wares quickly

Gotta love people and their panic buying.

Job Hunting

Update: Fixed text and wording error.

Camera Posing

All the time. All the damn time.

I'm hot! Tissshhhh!

The guy is wearing a purple shirt for purple day, A day for raising awareness of epilepsy across the world.Since I had nothing purple, I thought they could wear something.

Internet Hacking

3rd time lucky at uploading this.Okay, seemed Deviant submission system was broken because it was uploading them. Cleaned up the other two.


This comes with the latest reports of the new iPad 3G overheating.An Apple spokesman says this issue was not on their half, and it was the fault of the consumer for playing intensive games.

GiffGaff Outage 16 March 2012

Contribution for the hard workers of GiffGaff trying to resolve their burst pipe issue. This isn’t a pop at them, rather I hoped this would lighten them and the community.

Tech support #2

Tech support guys will understand this one.

Nut Allergy

Seriously, If you haven’t noticed yet all packets of nuts say “May contain traces of nuts” on the back. I know it is trading standards but I’m pretty damn glad there’s nuts in my bag of nuts!