Stick of Celery Webcomics


Understanding Nerds #1

To help people who don’t understand.Too tired to fix the missing background, sorry. When I fix the background I’ll fix the random ‘Macs’

Man in the kitchen

I thought with all the sexism jokes it was time for the women to get one.

Tech Support #3

Our hapless worker fails to understand technology again

Coffee Shop #1

Sorry for this being late, I spent 2 days trying to install Flash in a VM on Linux. It worked eventually.Flash can’t handle animated PNG’s so this is the result, I will look into an external PNG animator because… well GIF quality is pretty poor. Uploaded an animated PNG version.Also I am not sure what to call this daily webcomic, any suggestions are welcome. I am thinking of calling it ‘Dimwit Theory’.

Tech Support #2

Yo Momma so fat, the recursive code calculating her mass had a stack overflow.

Tech Support #1

Misunderstanding tech support can be a fatal error.

Thief excuse #1

A classic excuse used by thieves.

Doodle Valentine 2012

This isn’t out of experience this is dedicated to the jerks I see every day, especially last night buying valentines cards at 5pm. My girlfriend is the most wonderful woman in the world, and I am so lucky to have her, so if she sees this (which will be likely, as she’d think the comic is about her) I LOVE YOU UNDISCLOSED NAME FOR PRIVACY! <3Oh and don’t worry girls, she’ll win next valentines ;)


I can’t remember who said the one liner.